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L'Avenue Condo building on L'avenue des Canadiens-de-Montreal, formely part of De La Gauchetiere street. Like so many new condos, people are able to rent a condo unit as a B&B, instead  of going to a hotel, with a new crop of hotels being built everywhere these days. There's also a Provigo located there. This sorta brings up the odd situation of all these new condo residences: where do people shop for food? There are (or where) so few choices in the downtown area that one wondered where people living in these new buildings got their food from.
L'Avenue Condo de l'avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal, anciennement De La Gauchetiere. Comme beaucoup de nouveaux condos, les gens peuvent louer un condo du genre AirB&B, au lieu d'aller à l'hôtel, même avec une nouvelle vague d'hôtels construits partout ces jours-ci. Il y a aussi un Provigo situé là. Ceci aussi illustre la situation étrange de toutes ces nouvelles résidences de condos: où les gens magasinent-ils pour la nourriture? Il y a si peu de choix dans le centre-ville que l'on se demande d'où ces nouveaux résidents obtiennent leur nourriture.

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  1. Great photo!
    You're making the assumption that there are actual people living in these new towers. You should come to Vancouver and you will realize that most of these units are sold to offshore buyers( China) to get their cash out of China.These towers are nothing more than steel and glass piggybanks for wealthy foreigners. Once the building is completed go there at night and you will see that most of the units are dark as nobody lives in them.