Before / After - Avant / Après : Notre-Dame-De-La-Paix - Verdun


  1. What do you think the building is being used for? The ground floor (and the silver box?) don't look residential but I'm not sure of the use of the other parts.

    Whatever the use is, [insert standard whine about windows].

  2. It's a boring building but it's an intermediate resource center for sick people

  3. In that case, it'll do. It's not offensive, has a bit of interest and doesn't stand out like a sore thumb. After seeing some of the other buildings we've seen on the site, I'd say 'not offensive' is pretty good.

    If this was a purely residential building, though, those windows would put me right off buying.

    Guess my standards are different depending on the building's use and if my first impression is to go 'ah huh' or 'are they kiddin' me?!'

    I would be such a joy for a real estate agent to have as a client... .