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A small house in St-Henri getting an extension built next to it. Good to see that it's not being demolished (like the 780 St-Remi building in the background).
Une nouvelle rallonge construite a une petite maison à St-Henri. Bon de voir que la maison ne sera pas démolie (comme le bâtiment 780 St-Rémi arrière-plan)

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  1. Stupid question but is that an extension or is that a building contemporary to the wood one and it's having its membrane redone (and this time with actual insulation)? It sort of looks like there is a carriage entrance to a backyard and I just can't think of why someone would be building something like that today... .

    Wonder if those bricks sitting on the lawn are new or the original bricks from that building.

    And is there a word to describe someone who just wants to discretely lift up a clapboard to see what's underneath? I guess it's more difficult that lifting up a carpet corner to see the condition of the floor but I'm really curious to know what this building would have looked like when it was originally built.

    It's nice, too, to see small-scale renovations and alterations going on instead of tear-downs and condo-risings.