Before / After - Avant / Après: rue Casgrain street - Villeray

Before / After : Casgrain


  1. I like these small upcreeps in density in the old boroughs. The more this happens, the more the tower infestation will be kept in check. Increased density is inevitable, all you can do is shape it. I do worry about parking with these buildings though, far too much job growth is centered in areas outside the city only reachable by car.

  2. This one is OK, actually. Not offensive or trying to be either grandiose or architectural-ego-wank. Balcony that is just big enough to actually be useable in some way, good light and windows, too. Not grand but not hard on the eyes, either.

    The only thing I don't get is why, since the building is up against a driveway, there are no windows on that side. The building on the other side of the driveway has a garage so I'm assuming the new building owns the driveway.

    All in all, it's respectable. And if there's a penthouse up there, the views and patio would be fantastic.