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Old Swastika on duplex Gertrude 1

Just a few weeks ago I posted a Before / After of an apartment building on Troy, in Verdun, where a swastika used to be : link. As it happens, there's another small duplex that's also in Verdun where the outline of a swastika is still visible. This one is on Gertrude street.
Il y a quelques semaines, j'ai posté un "Avant / Après" d'un immeuble sur Troy, à Verdun, où un "swastika" se trouvait : lien. Par chance, il y a un autre petit duplex, qui se trouve aussi à Verdun, où le contour d'une croix gammée est toujours visible. Celui-ci est de la rue Gertrude.

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  1. When was it built? The swastika was even used by the Celts thousands of years ago and it means nothing and everything. If this was built in the 1930s, we've got a problem. If it was built in the 1910s, this means absolutely nothing and certainly no links to be made with the Nazis or Fascists. Do we know when this was built?